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I am the owner of a Walled Kitchen Garden in Limerick in Southern Ireland. It is the kitchen garden to Dromore Castle which extends to 1 acre and was designed by EW Godwin & constructed in 1866 (drawings are in V&A museum). I am looking for someone who might be interested in renting or leasing the garden perhaps for a commercial activity (fruit growing, etc) The garden has a glasshouse, vine house, heritage apple, pear & other fruit trees as well as many shrubs – Wisteria, magnolia, etc.
I would be prepared to enter into an agreement whereby use of the the walled garden and a mobile home would be available free of charge in exchange for the occupant being responsible for the upkeep of the walled garden. A cottage/bungalow and old farmyard/courtyard with stable & other outhouses could also be available.

Contact Seamus Newman seamusnewman@hotmail.com


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Faded Glory Project

Professional garden photographer Rachel Warne seeks historical gardens of grandeur or horticultural importance that have been ‘left to nature’, the more left to nature the better but still recognisable as gardens. It’s for a personal photography project with writer Noel Kingsbury, to be shot this winter in gardens in the UK only. Please email rae@rachelwarne.co.uk. with suggestions.  Original photos of the garden in its former glory, where possible, would be welcome. Walled, formal or kitchen gardens, glasshouses also, are all possible subjects

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Looking for a walled garden

I’m looking for a walled garden to rent or buy, within about 50 miles of Honiton. Any condition considered. Please contact me at info@otterfarm.co.uk. Thanks very much

Mark Diacono

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The Glasshouses Supervisor at Tatton Park enquires whether this Lemon is still in cultivation.  At one time it was grown in the Conservatory there, and now this building has been restored, he would like to grow it there again.

If anyone knows of  a UK supplier, or could let him have some cuttings, he would be most grateful.

Maz, faobo Bob Buckley, Glasshouses Supervisor, TattonPark, Knutsford, Cheshire.

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Melon Nets

Does anyone know where one can obtain traditional string melon nets?

if you do please email me at fiona.grant@walledgardens.net

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I own a small company which leases 4 acres of walled kitchen garden near Tonbridge inKent. The garden, which was semi-derelict when I took it over 2 years ago, has been (exhaustingly!) cleared and ploughed and is now used to propagate plants, train fruit trees and grow vegetables – its original purpose.

There are no old glasshouses remaining on the site and all the modern greenhouses on the garden are now owned by the company.

The walled kitchen garden lease benefits from being  a secured business tenancy under the 1954 Landlord & Tenant Act, which, as well as giving security of tenure, includes an ability to have the rent for future lease renewals to be set or adjusted to a market level.

I am trying to find out what is the market level for the lease of a walled kitchen garden before I have a discussion with the landlord.

I would be very grateful if any other tenants of Walled Kitchen gardens (or indeed landlords) could advise me what they pay for their leased garden, preferably on a cost per acre basis. If the rent includes the provision of other assets which inflate the rent, it would be useful to know that.

If requested, I will keep the information confidential other than to the extent it is used to inform the Landlord etc of the position.

Please contact Mark Wandless  fettinger@btconnect.com

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Old Lawnmowers


Author interested in late 19th and early 20th century lawn mowers made in the USA.  Particularly, but not specifically, interested in lawn mowers which were in use in the UK.  Catalogues, photographs, etc, all of interest.

Contact: Jim Ricci jricci@reellawnmower.com

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